Trading Lingo Abbreviations ~ Acronyms

Here are a few of the abbreviations I see in the plethora of trading chat rooms I visit or have visited over the years.  I will continuously update it.  ~B3

Expansion A-L
Expansion M-Z
AD Advances – Declines | MACD Moving Average Convergence & Divergence
advdec Advances – Declines | MAE Maximum Adverse Excursion
afk Away from Keyboard | MFE Maximum Favorable Excursion
algo(s) Trading Algorithm(s) | MI Market Internals
ATM At the Money (options) | min Minute
ATR Average True Range | min Minimum
avg Average | mm Measured Move
b/e or BE Break-Even | MTF Multiple Timeframes
BAM! Hit Target | OR Opening Range
BB! Boom Bitches!  (Hit Target) | OR50 Halfway between ORH and ORL
bbiab Be Back in a Bit | ORH Opening Range High
bbl Be Back Later | ORL Opening Range Low
bfly Butterfly (options play) | OTM Out of the Money (options)
brb Be Right Back | ovb Overbought
Brdth Breadth | ovn Overnight
brk Breakout | ovs Oversold
BTFD Buy the Failed (or Freakin’) Dip | p Pip
BTFDYFI Buy the Freakin’ Dip You Freakin’ Idiot! | PCS Put Credit Spread (Bull)
capit Capitulation | PDS Put Debit Spread (Bear)
car(s) Contracts at Risk | PF Profit Factor
CCS Call Credit Spread (Bear) | PHOD Potential High of Day
CDS Call Debit Spread (Bull) | piv Pivot
cts Contracts | PL Profit or Loss
DCB Dead Cat Bounce | PLOD Potential Low of Day
DFTD Done for the Day | POC Point of Control
dir Direction (long or short) | pp Pivotal Point
DITM Deep In the Money (options) | PR Payoff Ratio (R:R)
div Dividend | pt Point
dl Double Long (2x risk) | QA Quantitative Analysis
dly Daily | R:R Reward divided by Risk
ds Double Short (2x risk) | R1, R2, etc Resistence1, Resistence2
dt Daytrade | res Resistance
DTE Days til Expiry | ret Retracement
DTI Directional Trend Index | rng Range
EOD End of Day | ROC, ROIC Return on (Invested) Capital
EOM End of Month | rr Risk Reward
EOQ End of Quarter | RSI Relative Strength Index
EOW End of Week | rt Round Trip
EOY End of Year | RTH Regular Trading Hours (NYSE)
ETD Extreme Tick Down | RVI Relative Volatility Index
ETU Extreme Tick Up | s Short
exp Expiry | S/R Support & Resistance
Fib Fibonacci Retracement Level | S1, S2, etc Support1, Support2
fly Butterfly (options play) | SB, SBT Signal Bar, Signal Bar Trade
fut Futures | scl Scale
fx Forex | shr Shares
ga Good Afternoon | SOH Sit on Hands (Don’t Trade)
GA Genetic Algorithm | sry Sorry
gj Good Job | stddev Standard Deviation
gl Good Luck | STFR Sell the failed (or Freakin’) Rally
Glbx Globex Session (Overnight) | sup Support
gm Good Morning | sym Symbol (of trading Instrument)
gn Good Night | t Tick
hdg Hedge | TF Timeframe
hh Higher High | tg Target
HOD High of the Day | tgt Target
htf Higher Timeframe | tl Triple Long (3x risk)
IB Iceberg Order | tr Trail
IC Iron Condor (options play) | trl Trail
imho In My Humble Opinion | ts Triple Short (3x risk)
imo In My Opinion | VAH Value Area High
ITM In the Money (options) | VAL Value Area Low
l Long | VIG, vig Commissions – vigorish (reference to loan-sharks, bookies, etc)
LIS Line in the Sand | Vol Volatility
ll Lower Low | VPOC Volume’s Point of Control
LOD Low of the Day | wb Welcome Back
LRC Linear Regression Channel | WWBD What would Blondetrader do
ltf Lower Timeframe | X, x Stop
| x’d Stopped Out

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