#B3-DA-1 ~ 2018/12/28 


Let’s take this gap in data I have for the opening analysis, and we can simply draw conclusions of which stocks we may like to look for a bounce in 2019.

I stopped collecting stock data October 9th, due to busy life.  I started collecting again December 28th and added a few more stocks. The list is found here.  The first set of pictures contains 100 stocks that I traded in the Q.A this fall.  Notice how green (long biased) and blue (neutral) everything is!


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Now check it out today, mainly RED!!!

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So, in this downturn, if you are looking for winners in the next upturn, you may look at good fundamental companies that are beat up the most.  Or, the companies that didn’t tank as bad may be showing a lot of strength by staying green or blue.


Strong: FOX, AVGO, PG, GLD
Held up in downturn: AMGN, PFE, MSFT, MCD, CRM, PYPL, SBUX, V, VZ
Liked companies that got smoked: BABA, NVDA, BIDU, X, AAPL, BBY
Companies that were bad then and now:  TIF, DVN, WYNN, ATVI, GILD


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