2019/01/20 ~ SUNDAY SETUPS

#B3-DA-4 ~ 2019/1/20

SUNDAY SETUPS – Stocks off the Bottom – Week of January 22nd

This week I am going to look at the stocks, as the clear winners off of the markets’ bottom have been declared in my deviation algo.  Let’s get right to it.  Out of these 118 stock symbols that I view, here is the notable movement in 5 glances.

Price vs. Mean(s) Strength


52wk Range

1222019 rng

Deviance Signals

1222019 signals

Rankings 1-59 & 118-60

1222019 top59

1222019 bot59

A lot of swing long signals from the bottom and mid range of deviations.  If you look closely in the rankings list you will find the Fisher Transform second column from the right.  It is often the earliest of my indicators into a swing trend.  It helps if that stock is oscillating.  More information on the signaling can be found here.

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