2019/01/23 ~ New Live Testing in Motion!

B3-DA-5 ~ 2019/1/23

I have commenced a new live trading test that I will share here as I go!

This week I started using the simulator in ThinkOrSwim to try out an IRA strategy set. I will be long mostly, and benchmarking myself against 1 share of SPY.   I have things with which to hedge & short as I plan to use options heavily.  Of course, with IRA accounts there is no shorting stock.  If you are interested in how I am coming up with my picks, I am using a combination of 3 systems, one of which was highlighted in the Fall of 2018, wherein it uses 3 strategies within that one system.  The data shared in that test appeared on this site as it happened.  There is no hindsight 20/20 with placing the trades or enacting strategies. Save that for when you have a few months of live trading under your belt, then go back and try to slightly improve your methods.

The other 2 systems involve a collection of mean reversions through multiple time frames, and the use of my B3_Fisher_Transform oscillator.  My version of the classic indicator knows if the turn is a mean, trend, overage, or no-man’s land trading signal.  When my 3 systems align, the trades can be great.  However, to enter I only need on strategy signal from within one of the 3 systems.

I am only trading these 132 liquid symbols.

Here is mid-day Jan 22nd to open the account of 100k.  Commissions are included in final account value.
Then after the second wave of entries, and in the midst of exiting the first undesirable allocations, I am on my way:
So far I have exited three losing trades on TQQQ, AMZN, and SPXL; then I halved the position size in the options for BABA as I noticed that I had made an error in my allocation allotment.

My day analysis from here will still involve market framing, as well as updates on how this Winter through Spring 2019 test proceeds. ~ B3 d^.^b

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