2019/02/04 ~ So far okay

B3-DA-6 ~ 2019/2/4

So far I have kept up with the S&P 500…. except….

I am not afraid to share that I am now actually lagging the market due to allocation errors.   However, this is the point of doing the study.   I want to learn how to implement options into an IRA strategy and properly manage the risk and reward.  It is much harder with options than stocks, and it is very hard to use stock allocation as an analog to trade options.  So far this is what has traded and my mistakes are highlighted in yellow:


My hope is that you will take my lead in holding yourself accountable for your own mistakes, and highlight these moments in your trading journal.  It is really the best way to point out where you need to be better.

Good trading to you!   ~B3   d^.^b

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