2019/02/07 ~ Market is at Resistance

B3-DA-7 ~ 2019/2/7

S&P500 and the other indexes that I follow are in alignment and are at the weekly resistance, and instead of shorting I have moved to cash by taking the weekly targets in the IRA stocks.

Here are results at the end of the 13th trading day.  B3-fund vs one share of the SPY ETF:image.pngAnd here are the current portfolio positions.   L = 1x long allocation, L2 = 2x. image (1).png
More updates to come, as I sit and wait.  Volume is low at what looks to be the markets’ channel top.  For example, here is the SPX,  looking bullish but deviated and I expect a small pullback.  This is where I will put the sitting cash to work, the monthly or weekly mean.


~ B3 d^.^b

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