2019/02/13 ~ Weekly Resistance Once More ~ Appended 2/14 (Monthly Update!)

B3-DA-8 ~ 2019/2/13

Very similar to last Thursday, we go into the latter part of the week at weekly resistance.  This time with a Presidents’ Day holiday weekend, there is a possibility of low volume which can cause erratic trading.  

I will be looking to short within my day trading into the mean reversions, however my IRA live test remains long with 35% in dollars and 20% short interest in the account. Here are results at the end of the 13th of February.  B3-fund vs one share of the SPY ETF:


Here are the minor adjustments made through the week since the last post.   I have taken profits on SPLV, but left some in the play.   I closed PYPL and NKE for wins to take away some long exposure.  BIDU and KSS paid off shorting them via puts this week.  Then the entries this week are EWZ and XLU and SWKS, all of which have yet to produce anything.  Short entry was made in QCOM via puts today.  The Total column is finished and realized trades only, meaning the current trade is not affecting that number.




Here is one month’s work.

~ B3 d^.^b

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  1. Due to some music work taking over, I had to end this test. The trades held for a bout a week and I exited all of them on a Friday. I will post a results analysis.


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