2019/06/20 ~ Daily Analysis ~ New Test Commencing Using Fisher Transform

~ 6/20/2019 ~ Idea log

Overall, the short signals everyone has been getting for an overbought market are failing.  Seems to me the market is ready for another leg up, but I personally would rather be looking for a short opportunity in the coming trading days.  It may not come.

Here is the idea-results for June 20th, 2019.  These are the patterns I watch in the market every day when trading stocks and etfs.  The thing that stands out in the market today is that on the near term portion of the algorithm, we are at an average of 9.8% up and the median is 11.0% up.  These are larger values than I am used to seeing for the market as a whole.  In my experiences, it is best in these situations to hold longs, don’t short, and don’t start new longs.  However, the algorithm cares little about my experiences!

This is what it says today for new trade ideas:20190620stketfsignal

~ 6/20/2019 ~ Fisher Transform Live Test Simulation Begins

Soon, you will find the daily running results for my latest test using Fisher Transform, set at 10 and on day bars.  All trades are swings, and they are designed to enter or exit at the end of the day.  Though in reality I would take targets and manage the trades a bit, in the test the trading signals will be binary.  I will be taking any fisher transform trade I see on any one of the 142 names I follow.  All of the details will be explained in the analysis once I get the page created located here.  Then, compiling the statistics, I will see what types of the signaling gets an edge over other types. 

The goal isn’t to get a profit run; it’s to see as many trades as possible.

If all goes well, I will incorporate the FT signaling into my algo I use above called “Grand Deviance.”  The reason it will work well in the collection is that I plan on separating the FT signals into categories so as to see the advantage for trades taken at “what initial distribution readings in the FT indicator.”  These will be measured in deviance from the zero line at the start of the trade.  Much more to come on all of this!

To trade right along in thinkorswim.. use this indicator:  http://tos.mx/I1MtDi


~ B3 d^.^b

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