2020/02/22 ~ Quick Review of TradingView

I am impressed by my experience with TradingView’s platform.  Though they still have a lot of room to improve, the community of traders and collection of idea seekers is a lot more global and diverse than other platforms.

Here are the pros and cons in my opinion:

    • Pros
      • Incredible amount of instruments
      • Large collection of supported brokerage and data firms
      • Coding language that makes scripting fairly quick to do
      • The community is incredibly diverse, actively trading many types of markets 24/7 all year.
      • Personal Profiles allow you to connect with the community and develop a reputation to help build a base of trading constituents.
      • My Favorite… after 15 minutes of posting anything, you MAY NOT DELETE the post. NO extension allowed to the time-window to edit/delete posts, AND added comments are permanent & non editable, no deleting comments.   I like this as it forces people to be real.
      • Trolling is not allowed and moderators keep it professional, however, you may post links and speak of things outside of trading within professional office-like guidelines.
    • Cons (only the first of which I deem bad, the rest are nit picky)
      • The backtesting does not match the trusted testing I have done in several other platforms.  I do not trust their strategy portfolio history one bit.
      • The base indicators are a bit different than the standards used by most, however the collection of free indicators from the community more than makes up for this.
      • Strategies & indicators are overly redundant as they seem to be in most platforms.  There are not a lot of ways to categorize or collect studies you like.  Long time members will find themselves cleaning their collection, a problem I see in many platforms.
      • I am not sure I want to use a web based platform for conducting actual trades, but I love to do my trading homework with the platform and connect to others doing the same.

Example: https://www.tradingview.com/symbols/NASDAQ-AAPL/ 

~ B3 d^.^b

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