Indicator ACCESS ~ B3_Trend-Range


Using a proprietary methodology, the algorithm can dynamically adjust to chart behavior and plot the expected range of the current trend. When that range is violated to the backside (losing side) of a trend, the next opposite trend may begin. When the range is violated to the frontside (winning side) of the trend, the current trend is very strong. This indicator depicts this using bar-coloring and cloud-fill. Also included: alerts for the backside range violations (trend flipped).

The input structure is very simple. One input called “Sensitivity” controls the B3HHLL algorithm. The more sensitive the input (0-100), the tighter range found. Most charts can be left at the default 50, and multiple instances of the script at different sensitivities can help call out multiple dynamically created ranges. The rest of the inputs are cosmetic in nature, as the colors and transparency of the bar-coloring and cloud-fill are managed by user inputs.

User Interface ~ i-circles = mouse-over user’s manual

Why is this algorithm and script a great tool?

  • It works on ANY symbol – This indicator works on any chart that makes highs and lows thru time.
  • It works on ANY timeframe or bar resolution
  • It works on ANY bar or candle type
  • It works dynamically to analyze chart behavior, draws SOLID conclusions about trend and the expected range within that trend, then alerts to a change in trend
  • The clouds often give you a sense of sideways range and choppy action
  • The bar-colors often give you a sense of trendy action, brightly pointing out strong trends
  • Knowing an expected trading range of the current trend can help you ‘stay in the trade’

Fees subject to change ~ Tip by typing & raising the price of the fee at the final checkout page
PERMANENT ACCESS will be granted to your username within a few hours
ACCESS ALLOWS CHART USAGE VIA FAVORITES LIST ~ Code is protected and not accessible

To view this indicator on TradingView: CLICK HERE

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