Indicator ACCESS ~ B3_AutoDraw TrendLines/Fractals/ZigZag


This script harnesses the B3HHLL algorithm for THREE outputs in one indicator! Dynamically adjusting to chart behavior, this script automatically draws VALID-ONLY Trendlines, Fractal HHLL’s, or ZigZag, depending on the user input switch. The UI contains alerts and a wide array of colorization choices.

The input structure for the algorithm is very simple. One input called “Sensitivity” controls the algorithm. The more sensitive the input (0-100), the tighter ZigZag pattern found. This sets from how far back in time trendlines & fractals start. Most charts can be left at the default 50, though it is nice to see the results set at <=25 on certain charts.

Why is this algorithm and script a great tool?

  • It works on ANY symbol – This indicator works on any chart that makes highs and lows thru time.
  • It works on ANY timeframe or bar resolution
  • It works on ANY bar or candle type
  • It works dynamically to analyze chart behavior, draws SOLID conclusions about the validity of the lines it draws and ONLY PAINTS VALID LINES
  • Lines that were once valid, but now breached, have their own set of customizable effects; note that by default they’re set to erase for cleaner charts. (shown checked by the user above top right)
  • This indicator is 3 indicators in one. Don’t hesitate to layer it! If you look at the gallery below, you can see the upper left titles will let you know what it’s drawing.

Fees subject to change ~ Tip by typing & raising the price of the fee at the final checkout page
PERMANENT ACCESS will be granted to your username within a few hours
ACCESS ALLOWS CHART USAGE VIA FAVORITES LIST ~ Code is protected and not accessible

To view this indicator on TradingView: CLICK HERE

Works on Any Chart or Timeframe ~ click pics:

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