Indicator ACCESS ~ B3_AutoDraw_LRC

B3 AUTODRAW ~LINEAR REGRESSION CHANNEL Using the same method many of our other scripts use, the highest highs and lowest lows are located. Then, this script automatically draws Linear Regression Channels from a selection of these located points. The bands are actual deviation bands and do not use standard deviation. It gives you an adjustable... Continue Reading →

Indicator ACCESS ~ B3_Fibonacci_Finder

B3 FIBONACCI FINDER Using the B3HHLL algorithm, this indicator locates up to four sets of 5 Fibonacci Retracements + 2 Fibonacci Extensions. As in many scripts related to this algorithm, the UI contains alerts and a wide array of colorization choices. One instance of the study plots two sets, and a duplicate instance of the... Continue Reading →

Indicator ACCESS ~ B3_AutoDraw TrendLines/Fractals/ZigZag

B3 AUTODRAW TRENDLINES/FRACTALS/ZIGZAG This script harnesses the B3HHLL algorithm for THREE outputs in one indicator! Dynamically adjusting to chart behavior, this script automatically draws VALID-ONLY Trendlines, Fractal HHLL's, or ZigZag, depending on the user input switch. The UI contains alerts and a wide array of colorization choices. The input structure for the algorithm is very... Continue Reading →

Indicator ACCESS ~ B3_Trend-Range

B3 TREND-RANGE Using a proprietary methodology, the algorithm can dynamically adjust to chart behavior and plot the expected range of the current trend. When that range is violated to the backside (losing side) of a trend, the next opposite trend may begin. When the range is violated to the frontside (winning side) of the trend, the... Continue Reading →

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