2019/01/06 ~ SUNDAY SETUPS

#B3-DA-3 ~ 2019/1/6  SUNDAY SETUPS - My Sunday Routines - Week of January 7th As traders, we want to take a look at the upcoming week at a time when we are not watching the price change.  This keeps the emotions out of the analysis.   Here is an overview of my method: Frame the S&P 500, Nasdaq,... Continue Reading →

Trading Lingo Abbreviations ~ Acronyms

Here are a few of the abbreviations I see in the plethora of trading chat rooms I visit or have visited over the years.  I will continuously update it.  ~B3 Abbv:Acro A-L Expansion A-L | Abbv:Acro M-Z Expansion M-Z AD Advances – Declines | MA Moving Average advdec Advances – Declines | MACD Moving Average... Continue Reading →

The Maiden Voyage

Thanks for joining me!  Be sure to visit the virtuosotrader.com about page to learn more about this blog and me.  Here you will find posts related to trading analysis, theory, philosophy, strategy, methods, and tactics.  Also, I will be sharing the work of others to tap into the logic of successful traders. For the maiden voyage,... Continue Reading →

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