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Trading Lingo Abbreviations ~ Acronyms

Here are a few of the abbreviations I see in the plethora of trading chat rooms I visit or have visited over the years.  I will continuously update it.  ~B3 Abbv:Acro A-L Expansion A-L | Abbv:Acro M-Z Expansion M-Z AD Advances – Declines | MA Moving Average advdec Advances – Declines | MACD Moving Average... Continue Reading →

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2019/07/29 ~ Market Framing

I've come into this week feeling the opposite of the consensus I have researched online. The consensus of short term traders seems quite short, and I have a more bullish outlook for the week leading up to the the FED event in the market. Of course, nobody can predict what the market is going to... Continue Reading →

~ B3’s Preferred Indicators ~

Found here is a list of indicators of which I find good value.   These indicators may not be used at all times in all situations.  I use them when the time is right much like a flat-head screwdriver in a tool box.  Some indicators have a wider application space than others.  One thing I keep... Continue Reading →

Summer Daily Fisher Transform Trades

SUSPENDED ~ 7/24/2019 This page contains all the trade stats since the start on June 20th through July 23rd, 2019.DISCLOSURE: ALL TRADES ARE SIMULATED.End of day prices are used in the test. After a month of trial, the Fisher Transform test has been suspended. The reason is 3-fold. A. The S&P 500 is pulling away... Continue Reading →

2019/06/23 ~ FT Test Underway!

~ FT-Test Day 2 ~ One exit for a loss (XLB -%0.91), several new entries.  It is already looking very hard to share the amount of data I am collecting at one time, so I will give you an idea.  I have several different views of this test in Excel.  I am using TDA's data... Continue Reading →

2019/06/19 ~ Stock Rankings & Ideas

Here are my stocks and etfs in terms of my "Grand Deviance" algorithm.   Strength Meter is simple, higher equals better, and 0.5 is basically no trend, with > 1.0 or < 0.0 being the major deviants. Next is the list of true and tested signal patterns that I watch: ~ B3 d^.^b

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